Mini Medics


North East Medical Services are introducing 2 courses aimed at children to promote First Aid in a fun and interactive way.

  • Linked to the current curriculum
  • Delivered by Specially trained and experienced Event First Aiders, Ambulance Staff and Nurses
  • Fun, Interactive Learning
  • Groups of 16 to 32 students
  • Interactive workbooks
  • Certificate of Attendance

The courses will have appropriate and specific links to the current curriculum and will be easily and quickly updated to follow curriculums as and when they change. This will make the courses easily accessible for schools to use. The 2 courses are:



MediTots is a fun and interactive session aimed at 2-5 year olds, using story telling to describe what Ambulance Staff do as a job.

We take them on a journey of why we might turn up in an Ambulance, how we look after people when they are ill or injured.

The Children are given an opportunity to assist staff in looking after a bear and look around the inside of an Ambulance

This course has links to the Early Years Foundation Stage and Characteristics of Effective Learning, both of these documents are used in early years settings. Within the EYFS it can be linked to physical development, literacy and understanding the world. It links to playing and exploring and active learning within the characteristics of effective learning.

The Mini Medics course is the main course we will be offering to schools, out of school clubs, education organisations etc.

This course is made for children ages 8 to 11. It covers a range of topics consisting of:

What is first aid?
First aid kits
Recovery position
Wounds and bleeding
Communication and contacting the emergency services.

The Mini Medics course is 3 hours in duration, depending on the syllabus you want covered. The course includes educational, theoretical and practical teaching sessions.


Up to 4 hours £250 + VAT

Mini Medics

Up to 16 learners = £245 + VAT

Up to 32 learners = £450 + VAT


For more information contact Jade Weeden via email or contact us here.