About Us

North East Medical Services and OSR Medical are part of Opelwood Ltd, working together to provide Event Medical Cover and Ambulance Services.

North East Medical Services have been providing First Aid Training and Event Medical Cover since 2007.  We have experience of providing medical support to event organisers and by understanding your requirements. We can provide a wide range of services from First Responders right through to Ambulance Crews, Field Hospitals and Medical Response Teams.

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Founded by Damien Longley and Valerie Richardson, OSR Medical Ambulance Service offer a range of medical services to the NHS and private sector.

Our company is divided into several divisions operating;

  • Emergency (A&E) & Non-Emergency Urgent Care Patient Transport Services
  • Services to a number of NHS Trusts across the UK.

In June 2019, OSR Medical Ambulance Service became a trading style of Opelwood Ltd, working with North East Medical Services.